Lipo Laser reduces body fat, stimulates collagen and visibly tightens your skin

Who can benefit from Lipo Laser body contouring?

Anyone who has undesirable body fat can benefit from Lipo Laser, although laser Lipo body contouring isn’t meant for extensive weight loss. The best candidates include those wanting to lose 25 pounds or less, those who may be more concerned with targeting “problem areas” such as belly, thighs, hips, or upper arms, and those who are already making diet and lifestyle changes to effect weight loss

How does Lipo Laser body contouring work?

Body contouring is a noninvasive procedure that visibly tightens skin and reduces body fat using LED laser technology. The laser energy not only stimulates collagen production, which results in skin tightening, but it also injures the fat cells, which leads to the release of the fat cell content and shrinking of treatment areas. Once the contents of the fat cells are released, the fatty acids and glycerol are absorbed into the lymphatic system, processed by the liver and used for energy. After each 15 minute Lipo Laser treatment session, clients will be placed onto a whole-body vibration plate for 10 minutes to stimulate their lymphatic drainage. For best results, clients will be advised to not eat the hour before or two hours after their session. This helps to ensure the fat released during the session is used as fuel, rather than the calorie content from a recent meal. Abundant water intake is necessary throughout the day – 80 ounces minimum!! Adequate hydration supports lymphatic drainage as well as excretion of released fat in the urine. Depending on the body part being treated, up to 350kcal of energy can be released during a single session – reducing your overall calorie intake by at least 300kcal per day as well as performing moderate intensity exercise for 20-30 minutes, 3-4 days per week will help ensure lasting results.

Can I treat more than one body part at a time?

Yes. A treatment package includes coverage of one body part with 4-5 of the laser treatment paddles. Possible treatment areas include the waist, lower back (love handles), upper back (bra fat), hips (saddle bags), inner thigh, outer thigh, and upper arms. For an additional cost, two body parts can be treated simultaneously.

How fast does Lipo Laser work?

Although some clients will begin to notice results after only a few sessions, most will require at least 8 sessions to see maximum results. Not all body fat is equal – some areas (hips, thighs) are more “stubborn” and may require more treatments for best results. Two treatments per week are recommended. Day to day changes may be difficult to see - we are our own worst critics when looking in the mirror - so measurements of the treatment area will be done each week to track progress. Photos will be taken prior to starting treatment and again at the completion of all treatment sessions.

How do I ensure lasting results after treatment?

Lipo Laser does NOT destroy/remove the fat cells, it only empties them of their contents – the fat cells are capable of storing fat again!! A clean, balanced diet coupled with regular exercise is the only way to ensure lasting results. Food and exercise journaling is strongly recommended throughout your treatment course. If results seem sluggish at any point during your treatment, it can generally be traced back to a lapse in diet, reduced activity level, inadequate sleep and/or stress.

Can supplements enhance my success?

Yes!! Our “Lipo Shots” contain Carnitine, Choline, Inositol, Methionine and high does B-complex vitamins – all of which are involved in fat breakdown, fat metabolism and fat transport. A weekly Lipo Shot is included in many of our Lipo Laser packages. Lipo Shots can be given up to twice a week to enhance results. Metabolic Xtra and AdipoLean are two additional supplements that can accelerate fat loss, with ingredients that optimize insulin sensitivity, glucose and fat metabolism. These supplements are included in our Gold and Platinum packages, or can be purchased seseparately.


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